Apathy mars mini bridge in Sirimale-Malsampige area

Apathy mars mini bridge in Sirimale-Malsampige area

People put up a temporary bridge seeing inactive authorities

The bridA view of Sirimane-Malsampige mini bridge. dh photoge plays a vital role in the lives of the residents living in Handiguli, Devarahaklu, Arasinamakki and Sirimane region.

The local residents say that there was a hanging bridge here in the place of the mini bridge some years ago. In 2002-03, the Gram Panchayat sanctioned a meagre amount of Rs 36,000 for construction of a bridge. Likewise, the bridge was built using the said amount. In 2006-07, the heavy rains that lashed over the region washed away parts of the bridge. Seeing that the bridge was on the verge of collapse, the local residents brought some pipes, wooden logs and rods to support the bridge. While all of this was going on, none of the authorities concerned bothered to even have a look at the bridge and do the needful. The plea of the local residents to elected representatives too did not yield any good.

So far so good, the so called bridge created by people withstood the rains but the local residents say that this rainy season turned out to be devastating for the bridge as the culvert and drains under the bridge got washed away. They say that locals united together again and joined the pipes together and formed a temporary bridge again. 

Seeing their pleas falling on deaf ears persistently, the local residents have created a hanging bridge near to the ‘bridge’. The hanging bridge is something that the residents cannot bank on for too long.

As far as reaching the other side of the bridge is concerned, it seems okay otherwise till some emergencies strike any family in the village.

“There are several elderly living in the village. “In case there is a medical emergency, we will have to struggle our way out to the city. We can laugh at the negligence of the authorities but for how long,” questions a villager. Janaspandana, grievances meet, name it and the villagers have tried their luck everywhere to get a good bridge done for their village. But they have only met failure. Till the government responds to their demand, the villagers proudly show their hand make temporary bridge and talk eloquently about the unity in the village when they are confronted with problems.

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