Swarna Gowri celebrated with fervour and gaiety

Swarna Gowri celebrated with fervour and gaiety

Swarna Gowri celebrated with fervour and gaiety

Family members got busy with the pooja preparations early in the morning. Blessed with a long week-end, the women had the support of the male members and also children who basked in the joy of the holidays.

The Swarna Gowri pooja, preceded by the Ganesha habba, is awaited by one and all, after the Varamahalakshmi and Krishna Janmasthami celebrations.

The Swarna Gowri pooja and the Ganesha habba mark the end of the Shravana month and the beginning of the Bhadrapada month. Swarna Gowri is basically a  festival for the womenfolk. It is assumed that Goddess Parvathi comes visiting her parents and Lord Ganesha arrives at her parents’ place to take her back to the abode of Lord Shiva.

After a feast offered to Goddess Parvathi and Lord Ganesha, they leave for Kailasa. While Gowri habba is a one-day event, the Ganesha habba is spread over 11 days, till the Ananta Chaturdashi or the full-moon day.

Families invoke Lord Ganesha, the God of knowledge and intelligence, and celebrate the occasion, either for a day, five days, seven or 11 days. Beautiful rangolis adorned every house and toranas made of mango leaves beckoned the visitors. Women draped in silk sarees offered prayers. Various mouth-watering delicacies were prepared and offered to the Goddess.

Arathis were performed and sweets were distributed on the day. Several temples also conducted community prayers in honour of Swarna Gowri at their premises.  People rushed to the markets to make last-minute purchases for the festival. Soaring prices of flowers, fruits and vegetables did not deter their spirit, as some families were busy purchasing decorative items and groceries.

While markets continued to be abuzz with activities, most of the shops and roads were decorated with serial and flicker lights.  Hawkers and traders had a field day earning extra bucks from the hapless customers, who had no option but to pay the price.

Many families rushed to their hometowns to celebrate the occasion with their parents and relatives, those who continued to celebrate here, also tried to make the event as memorable as possible.