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Deep blue sea

Oceans cover two-thirds of the surface of our planet. The seas, which are vital to our survival, have remained an enduring part of our human story. Hidden within the depths of these oceans are secrets about the planet and life itself.

From the striking but gentle turquoise seas of the Caribbean to the icy cold Arctic, the oceans hold secrets and stories, the likes of which anyone would have barely even begun to know.

Animal Planet takes a voyage of discovery in this series ‘Oceans’ to unravel mysteries, take unbeatable adventures to provide a vital understanding of the planet’s biggest and least explored asset.  ‘Oceans’ airs on September 7 at 8 pm.

Cutting-edge technology
Machines Of Malice’ airs on September 7 at 11 pm on Discovery Channel. The thrilling series deconstructs the deadliest machines ever built — the death machines.

‘Machines Of Malice’ is a never-before-seen journey deep inside man’s most amazing inventions to get to the nuts and bolts that make them work. Using cutting-edge computer-generated imagery, the series brings to life astonishing machines of death.

3D mini movies animate each machine’s moving parts to explain the high-tech design concepts behind them.

So close yet so far
India’s Sexiest Bachelor’, the show that brought India’s ten most eligible men to compete against each other on one platform, has reached its final stage. The journey that started with India’s top ten sexy single men has now reached to a stage where one out of top five will be voted as ‘India’s Sexiest Bachelor’ on September 10 at 10 pm on Big CBS Prime.

The show brought the audience closer to their favourite bachelors.  The close and personal encounters with the stars gave the fans an opportunity to know the stars better thus making it easier for them to vote.

Finally, the top five contestants were revealed last week. They are; the hunk — John Abraham, blue eyed boy — Ranbir Kapoor, versatile actor — Abhay Deol, chocolate boy — Shahid Kapoor and Junior Mallya — Siddhartha.

The show revealed some deep secrets, some memorable moments they have had with fans and above all the little known facts about the stars. Some flashing moments that comes to mind in the show were, one of the hottest actors in Bollywood, John Abraham, sharing some of his secret tips to charm a woman; Siddhartha Mallya on how any confident girl can walk up to him and talk to him and Preeti Desai backed her friend Abhay Deol saying that he is the sexiest man on the list for her.

After all that was said and done, the big question still remains.  Who will be ‘India’s Sexiest Bachelor’? Watch out as the five top contenders’ battle for the grand title.

Heaven on earth
Get Out’ will be aired on TLC on September 7 at 11.30 pm. Tag along with Lindsay Clubine and Misty Rice as they visit the hottest spots halfway around the world. From the waves and water of Hawaii to the coolest clubs in Cabo, this show grants the VIP access to the top tourist spots on the globe. Fast-paced and far-reaching, the show stops at only the most beautiful places on the planet.

‘Get Out’ combs the beaches, goes to the bars, hears the buzz and brings it all back to your home. Mixing luxurious locations with wild behind-the-scenes footage, ‘Get Out’
takes reality television to so­me unreal places.

Ever wanted a peek into Madonna’s former mansion? Or wondered what it’s like to feed a shark? Then get away from the everyday routine and get out.