CBI against attaching anti-graft wing to Lokpal

CBI against attaching anti-graft wing to Lokpal

Rather, India's premier investigation agency “prefers” it should be brought “entirely” under the anti-corruption ombudsman and given more “autonomy” to maintain the integrity of the institution.

“It is physically not possible to take the anti-corruption wing out of the agency and place it under the Lokpal,” said a CBI official.

"The CBI as a whole can come under Lokpal in what ever form the government wants. We are ready to probe cases sent by Lokpal and report to it.”

Sources said CBI Director A.P. Singh would put forth these views before the parliamentary standing committee on law and justice, examining the Lokpal bill.

They said the CBI chief would seek a “working relationship” with Lokpal on the lines of the Central Vigilance Commission.

Officials said they would suggest ways to the standing committee on “how the agency as a whole can best fit in the Lokpal (set-up) without splitting the 70-year-old institution.”

Sources said the CBI is also looking for complete “functional and financial autonomy” like Comptroller and Auditor General of India (CAG) where “there are no interferences".

“The Lokpal can get all powers to meet the financial, administrative and legal requirements of the CBI,” said an official.