JD(S) asks police to be impartial

JD(S) asks police to be impartial

Speaking to the media persons on Monday, he said that minority community members are living a life of fear and anxiety.

Even when the members of the organisations connected to BJP are filing false cases against the minorities and harassing them, the police have been maintaining silence, he complained.

“The culprits who attacked a youth in Sringeri are roaming freely and false case has been filed against youth on the day of Ramzan. The MLA who is expected to protect the interest of the members of all communities, is showing biased attitude,” he said.

He informed that the JD(S) would strengthen the party in the form of party leaders visiting all the villages from October 2.

 “The party is urging the implementation of Gorak Singh recommendations in connection to the areca growers affected by yellow leaf disease. We are hoping that the Central government would announce an appropriate package to the victims in the present parliamentary session. If not, protest will be staged, which will be led by JD(S) supremo Deve Gowda,” he said.

He warned of serious consequences if the government officers fail to behave in an impartial manner.