'I miss being reckless and carefree'

'I miss being reckless and carefree'

Dia Mirza

Dia Mirza hit the ramp when she was all of 16 and hasn’t had a minute’s rest after that.
    After her Miss Asia-Pacific triumph, the world of cinema opened for her. Soon there was a deluge of offers from Bollywood.

  “Today, looking back I miss being carefree and reckless. I had to take up responsibility at a very young age,” Dia told Metrolife.

Dia hopped into the City as part of a promotional tour. Why is it that we haven’t seen Dia Mirza sizzle across the silver screen of late? “I have been working very hard and you’ll see all my films release soon, one after another,” she says.

 Signing up for the movies and bidding adieu to the world of modelling was a choice that Dia says she made after much thought. “I wanted to go out there and explore a world that’s unexplored, exploit every opportunity that came my way. I wanted to discover myself in the process,” she says and adds, “modelling may take you across the world but there’s a certain limitation to it.”

Dia has had a couple of Hollywood offers come her way. Given her perfectly cut body, flawless skin tone, she could easily pass off as a firang, “I don’t want to take up any Hollywood assignments. My hands are full and I am happy making it big, here in India,” she avers.

Has not the television bug bitten her?
   She believes the television is a powerful medium and is amazed by the sheer number of people hooked onto it and also about the number of people signing up for reality shows these days.

What does Dia have to say about Rakhi Sawant choosing her man via a show, scripted exclusively for her? “These things are best when ignored. One mustn’t give it too much of a thought. The show was meant to entertain people and it has succeeded in that,” she observes. Dia hopes to start a chain of J Krishnamurthi institutions across the country, “I studied in one of the J Krishnamurthi schools and I would like all the values of that school trickle down to every child across the country,” she says.

Dia is currently shooting for Shoebite and Fruit and Nut to mention a few.
Mention Bangalore and Dia’s eyes instantly begin to sparkle. “I took my first bus to the City when I was sixteen in search of a job. This is one place where people needn’t feel stumped. The City offers you ample space to grow,” she signs off.

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