Blast victims pour in at Delhi hospital

Blast victims pour in at Delhi hospital

Allauddin, 40, lost one of his legs in the blast. He was at the court for the hearing of a case related to his factory.

"My son lost his leg," cried his devastated father, as scores of people scurried around him.

As families, relatives and strangers rushed with victims of the blast that killed nine and injured 45, there were others who were looking for their dear ones who went missing after the incident.

The nephew of 34-year-old Ajay Bakshi was one such person looking for his uncle.
"I am looking for my uncle...he had gone to the court in the morning and has been missing ever since," the young man said said.

A powerful bomb in a suitcase exploded outside the Delhi High Court Wednesday during the peak morning hour. This is the third major bombing in India since the 2008 Mumbai terror attacks.