Mystery shrouds man with briefcase

Mystery shrouds man with briefcase

Mystery shrouds man with briefcase

According to some eyewitnesses, there was one young man with a briefcase when around 300 people were waiting in three different queues, meant for men, ladies and senior citizens or differently-abled, to get entry passes.

The young man, who came with a briefcase, was also standing in a queue and kept his belonging on the floor, next to him.  With everybody busy in getting their passes, no one suspected anything fishy when he  kept his bag on the ground and then left the queue.

Was the young man a terrorist? Did he escape or also get killed in the blast? Was he the  suicide bomber, responsible for the deadly attack?

“It is still unclear whether the bomb planter died or injured in the explosion or he vanished before it (the bomb) detonated,” an official in the Delhi police said.  There were some theories doing the rounds about a suicide bomber, but the police refused to react to it.

Police suspect that the person who planted the bomb must have done a recce earlier and brought bags, which generally advocates and litigants use to carry documents.

The terrorist selected a place with  a large gathering of people. That there were no CCTV surveillance cameras installed or police posts nearby came in handy for him to carry out his evil task.

Although some eyewitnesses recounted that the said young man was talking on his mobile, police was unsure about it. Based on eyewitness inputs, the police have released sketches of two suspected perpetrators of the blast.

“It is common that many litigants and advocates bring suitecase or bags to carry documents. Public must have not suspected any thing fishy when the bomb-planter also came with bag and kept (it)besides him while standing in the queue”, said Ajay K Agarwal, who was close to the site of explosion.