Taliban plans to kidnap sr officials for Osama's kin: report

Taliban plans to kidnap sr officials for Osama's kin: report

Pakistan's Interior Ministry has advised all government departments and officials of law enforcement agencies to stay vigilant, 'The Express Tribune' daily today said quoting sources.

"Such an incident can take place in Islamabad and provincial capital cities; therefore, strict security measures are needed," stated a circular issued by the Crisis Management Cell of the Interior Ministry, the report said.

Bin Laden's family members, including his wives and children, have been in custody of the Pakistani government since the American raid that killed the al-Qaeda chief on May 2. The government has refused to repatriate the family due to ongoing investigations by the Abbottabad judicial commission.

The Commission has issued a travel ban on all those connected with the unilateral raid including a Pakistani doctor, who had tried to help CIA to get the DNA of the bin Laden's family months before the unilateral raid.

Currently, Pakistan security agencies are holding the al-Qaeda leader's two Saudi and one Yemeni widows and around 10 of their children. Their whereabouts are not known but they are said to be kept in one of the safe houses run by the intelligence agencies here.