Flights on hold for shoot

Flights on hold for shoot

The movie has been shot at quite a few outdoor locations and one of them was the Bangkok airport where a crucial chunk of the climax scene was shot.

It so happened that Sanjay and Ajay were required to ride a bike on the runway in a costume. However, a couple of scenes required a few retakes thus delaying the shoot by a few minutes.

The crew members then informed the airport authorities of the prevailing situation and requested them to put on hold the incoming charter flights which were to land soon after.

The Bangkok airport authorities were very cooperative and went ahead with the required permission as it was a matter of a few minutes. The incoming flights were circling in the air around the airport for a few minutes before they were given the clearance to land on the runway.

‘Rascals’ produced by Sanjay Dutt Productions and Rupali Aum Entertainment is slated for a Dasara release on October 6.