'Pari' to hit screens in October

'Pari' to hit screens in October

This was disclosed to the media here on Thursday by director of the movie Sudheer Attavar. For Sudheer a successful lyricist for his runaway hit song in ‘Savari, ‘Pari’ is his debut as a director.

Saying that the film is the amalgamation of sequences of three works of different authors, the man who has wielded the megaphone didn’t forget to say- it’s a mix of action and romance in the backdrop of liquor mafia.

The flick also boasts of three biggies- director M S Satyu as art director, Nimai Ghosh as still photographer and Usha Uthup as an artiste. Satyu a known name for giving acclaimed movies like ‘Garam Hava’ and the recent ‘Ijjodu’ has lent his artistic calibre. Nimay Ghosh comes from the stable of Satyajit Ray another acclaimed film maker. Usha Uthup has acted for the first time in Kannada.

Another highlight is the songs with the music composed by Veer Samarth.
Mohan of ‘Anand Audio’ who has bagged the rights for a whopping sum according to the producers, said ‘the anti piracy Act is a farce. Whenever the companies appraoch the police, they are ready with the reply.  

Sudheer Attavar said, piracy is not easy to weed out and gave an example of a tamil movie. Though the CD was offered at a very affordable sum of Rs 10, it couldn’t stop the piracy makers from bringing out a duplicate.

Producers Trivikrama Beltangadi, Lingappa Sandur, Chandru Sindhogi and Arun Thumati were also present at the press meet.