Kenyan boy learns nuances of health sector

Kenyan boy learns nuances of health sector

Kenyan boy learns nuances of health sector

Mohammed Nazeralf

The country is named after Mount Kenya, the significant land mark and one of the highest mountain peaks.

Kenyan culture is exciting and most fascinated across the globe. There are more than 70 per cent tribal groups among Africans in Kenya. All these tribes have left their footprints on the civilisation thereby making Kenya as one of the interesting cultures in the world. English and Swahili are the major languages besides Kikuyu, Luhia, Luo and Kikamba. In most of the remote tribal areas, the blend of Muslims, Christians and tribal groups make the population.

Muslims make up to 30 per cent of the population. Kenyans are group oriented rather than individualistic. They depend on mutual effort, mutual responsibility and mutual assistance. Most Kenyans interweave native beliefs into traditional religion. However, these days the western cultural values are becoming more ingrained following which the traditional values are disintegrating.

The music style in Kenya is known as “benga”. The national dish of Kenya is called Ugali, a cornmeal mush. Kenyans love their beer almost as much as their dancing and there are countless local brewing industries. To the world, Kenya is synonymous with athletics.

Kenya’s world class long distance runners have dominated the running tracks of the world for long period. However, football is the number one sports for the Kenyans.

Mohammed Nazeralf from Kenya is in Manipal to do his undergraduate course at Manipal College of Allied Health Sciences.

He is overwhelmed by the hospitality and warm gestures bestowed on him by the people here. He speaks his heart and embraces Indian culture as a substitute to his own culture. Excerpts of the talk with Nazeralf for the readers of City Herald…

What attracted you towards India?

First and foremost I was impressed with the quality of education that was offered here. I was determined to study in India as I felt it makes me feel at home.

What do you feel about the cost of education in Manipal?

It is damn cheap. Obviously, I had to pay more if had opted to study in other parts of world.

What are your experiences after coming to India and how do you find Indian culture?

India is full of nice people and good environment. It is a beautiful place and cheerful. I am sure that if I had gone to any other part of the world to take up my study, I would have undergone cultural shock. Most of the western cultural set up is artificially groomed unlike India. I am immersed with pleasant and charming experiences. It makes the better bonding of love and care supported with community gathering.

Which are the places you visited so far in India?

I visited Mumbai and some beach places in and around Udupi. I liked the beach areas.

How do you find Indian food? Which is your favorite dish?

I like dal curry. Some of Indian food is spicier.

Did you like Indian traditional dresses?

Wonderful dressing style that gives self identity. It is self representing.

Would you like to tell your friends and neighbours to visit India or choose India for their studies?

Why not? India is a place which offers bountiful of experiences.
I would really like telling all my friends back at home to visit India at least once during their lifetime.