In serene, calm surroundings

In serene, calm surroundings

Enchanting: A partial view of the Western ghats as seen from Gangadikallu. One can have a close view of chain of natural grassland and shola forest while trekking.
The wet climate and the tremendous water retentive capacity of the shoal grasslands and forests has led to the formation of thousands of perennial streams in the region converging to form major rivers of the region - Tunga, and Nethravathi at Gangamoola which is situated in Gangadikallu.

The foothill of Western Ghat at Gangamoola near Kudremukh can be reached by a vehicle. The foothill is at about 90 km distance from Mangalore. It is three hour trekking from the foothill to the peak of the Kallu. Its peak offers a picturesque view of Lakhya dam, Lakhya and Bhadra rivers. As it comes under the Kudremukh National Park, one has to take prior permission from the forest department before going for adventure.

The permission can be obtained either from the office at Karkala or at Kudremukh. However, the trekkers are not allowed to stay overnight on the Kallu. Trekkers can stay at Bhagawathi Nisargadhama at Kudremukh. There are tent houses. The other spot of trekking is Kudremukh near Samse. Vehicles ply up to Toali near Samse. From Tolai to the peak of Kudremukh, it will be four-hour trekking.  

The best time to go for trekking is soon after monsoon. However, one need to take preventive measures to avoid bite from leeches during the trekking. As no food will be available when you reach Gangadikallu, it is better if you pack your food and enjoy eating while you are on the top of a hill. However, do not litter!


Gangadikallu is the birthplace of the River Tunga, the lifeline of the Malnad and coastal regions. From its origin, the Tunga river flows in a north-easterly direction passing the towns of Sringeri, Thirthahalli and Shimoga.  After covering a total distance of 147 kms, it joins the Bhadra at Koodli near Shimoga and forms the Tungabhadra river.

The river Bhadra from its origin, flows east and then North East passing the town of Bhadravathi. After travelling a distance of 178 kms, it joins the Tunga at Koodli. The Netravathi flows west, passing the towns of Dharmasthala and Mangalore before joining the Arabian Sea. Though two rivers take birth at Gangadikallu, one can only hear the sounds of flowing water and not the river at the Gangamoola.

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