New campus refreshes freshers

New campus refreshes freshers

Friends afresh

When Aditya walked into his classroom at an engineering college last Tuesday, he was filled with anxiety. At the same time, the hopes of making new friends and having fun for the next four years was also on his mind.

But at that moment, when he entered the classroom, the benches were filled up starting from the back row to the front. Recalling his experience, Aditya said, “As I walked in, rows and rows of girls and boys were staring at me, as if I was an alien. I can never forget that experience of feeling so alone.”

“I went and sat in the second bench as all the others were full and it felt like I was a geek. After the initial moment of tension, introductions began and the apprehensions seized,” he adds. With none of his PU classmates being in the same college, Aditya said that this was the first time that he was taken out of his comfort zone.

While many students might have had the same feeling, Akarsh M J of Sri Jayachamarajendra College of Engineering (SJCE) thinks that engineering is the time to study and also have a good time. Akarsh, who was born in Mysore, studied in Mangalore as his father is working there. While returning to his native has made it quite exciting for him, he remarks that  he has preferred to stay in a hostel despite his grandmother’s house being in the city.

His take is that it is a freedom at last. “At home, if we go out they have a bundle of questions.

Where are you going? When are you going to come back? But here there are no restrictions and we can have a good time. But at the same time, being alone we need to look after ourselves and responsibility is on us.” Akarsh didn’t have the same experience as Aditya for his three friends, who were studying PU with him have joined the same college as his.

Another student Vikas Kumar Pareek, hailing from a family of defence personnel, has hopes of gaining exposure in terms of the society and as well as the lifestyle of a city. Hailing from Haryana, Pareek had been studying in Belgaum as his father, an airmen was posted in that place.

For him the change of food is something that is a cause for concern. Having been accustomed to eating spicy food, Pareek finds the food doesn’t satiate his taste buds.

Vasudev Gowda of Hassan isn’t new to the city. Having studied PU from a semi-residential college in the city, Gowda is quite happy to continue living in the city. Unlike Bangalore, which is “so busy”, he finds Mysore as the ideal place for studies.

Language is the what matters the most for Sandesh Mirajkar of Dharwad. Staying at Chola hostel, he says Kannada in the city is completely different from what is spoken in the northern parts of the state. But he is quite happy with the environment. He says, “The climate is similar to Dharwad. Mysore is modern similar to Hubli and Bangalore and it isn’t as busy as Bangalore.

This was one of the main reasons for me coming to the city.”

But with the entry of freshers in all colleges across the city, the environment has livened up. With most colleges organising an inaugural function or freshers’ day, students were first given an overview about the facilities and activities to be held throughout the year.

During the time they spend on studying during the coming years, as Thomas Ehrlich said, “A college education should equip one to entertain three things: a friend, an idea and oneself.”