Water yet to subside

Water yet to subside

Flood recedes in Belgaum; 20 houses collapse

Traffic has been hit on Hubli-Sholapur National Highway 218 and many hamlets in Haganur and Alur S K in the district are inundated. Although, flood receded in Belgaum, 25 houses collapsed due to heavy rainfall.

In Belgaum

Flood along the banks of River Krishna and its tributaries receded on Friday, as water outflow from reservoirs in Maharashtra was reduced considerably. Besides, there was remarkable reduction in inflow into the State (1.45 lakh cusecs) from Rajapur barrage across the border.

However, four roads and bridges in Ramdurg taluk and one in Savadatti are under water following heavy outflow (13, 272 cusecs) from Malaprabha river. As many as 18 other roads and bridges in Chikodi, Raibag and Athani taluks continued to remain under water, although inflow into River Krishna is decreased.

As rain subsided in southern Maharashtra, water outflow from reservoirs also reduced. On Friday, outflow from Koyna dam was registered at 6,119 cusecs compared to 48,438 cusecs outflow on Thursday.

A total of 15 families from Sunnal village in Ramdurg were shifted to safer locations. Munavalli bridge in Savadatti, Belgaum-Ramdurg Road, Ramdurg-Konnur Road, Avaradi-Bennur bridge and Rokkadkatti bridge in Ramdurg taluk are submerged.
As many as 20 houses in Belgaum and five in Khanapur taluk have been collapsed.

In Bagalkot

For the second consecutive day, River Malaprabha continued to flow in full spate, as 10,000 cusec of water was released from the Navilteertha Reservoir in Belgaum district.

As a result, Govanakoppa bridge in Badami taluk has been completely submerged in water, severely affecting the traffic on Hubli-Sholapur National Highway 218.
Inter-state and inter-district goods lorries have been stranded on Kerur and Kulageri Cross.

However, buses were forced to take alternative roads to reach their destinations.

Flood enters villages

Various hamlets in Haganur and Alur S K of the taluk have been inundated disrupting normal life. Thousands of acres of crops have been submerged. Water has entered many houses in low-lying areas.

Woman’s body found

The body of Chandravva Sharanappa of Nagasampige village in Bagalkot district, who had gone to wash clothes on the bank of the river, was found near the Narayanpura Reservoir on Friday.

According to Police Sub-inspector Gurulingappa, Chandravva had gone to wash clothes on September 6 and she may have been washed away in the floods.