Sarabjit's health failing in Pak jail, claims lawyer

Sarabjit's health failing in Pak jail, claims lawyer

Unending ordeal

There are reports that Sa­rabjit is being denied his right to meet people, even jail inm­ates, and kept in surroundings without proper sunlight and in “solitary confinement” as claimed by his sister Dalbir Kaur.

Singh’s counsel in the Lah­o­re High Court, Awais Sheik, on Thursday brought to the notice of Chief Justice Ijaz Ch­audhary the report of the Pakistani Inspector General of Pr­isons on Sarabjit which stated that “frequent meetings with a prisoner of an enemy country is not feasible”.

He said such comments might affect bilateral ties between India and Pakistan. The case will come up for hearing on September 20, Sheik said.

However, the report stating Sarabjit as a “prisoner of an enemy country” could make matters difficult for Sarabjit demanding grant and restoration of his human rights.
Back home, Dalbir Kaur sa­id she was seeking an appointment with Prime Minister Ma­nmohan Singh and the Home Minister for their intervention in the matter.

Sarabjit was sentenced to death in 2003 for his alleged involvement in blasts in Pakistan in 1990 that killed 14 people.

He was set to be ha­nged on April 1, 2008, however, his death was put off foll­owing intervention of human right activists and even Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani who sought to examine the issue.

Kaur said she was informed by his advocate in Lahore of the development. She said her brother may not survive inside the prison and needed urgent medical attention. He sli­pped into depression because he was lodged in a “solitary cell,” she alleged.

Awais Sheikh told the court that Si­ngh has been suffering from backache, high blood pressure, eating disorder, migraine, insomnia and high cholesterol as he was being kept in surroundings without proper sunshine.

A prayer to allow yoga for Sarabjit has also been made before the High Court.