Darshan's wife suspected an affair

Darshan's wife suspected an affair

real action: (clockwise from top left) A television grab of Darshan’s wife Vijayalakshmi at the hospital. Darshan arrives at the residence of the judicial magistrate in Kormangala. DH PhotoVijayalakshmi, sources said, suspected Darshan of having an affair with a Telugu actress. “While the problem has been there for over a year, the last four months have been particularly bad for the couple. They have had several fights during this time,” a source said.
On Thursday evening, Darshan returned from shooting and did not find his wife and son Vineet at home.

On learning that Vijayalakshmi had “left him”, he rushed to her friend Vidya’s house at night where his wife and son were staying.
When he asked them to return home, his son refused. “He loves his son very much and when he said he wouldn’t go with him, Darshan was very upset,” the source said.

However, following some drama, the actor convinced his wife to go home with him and the couple got into their SUV. On the way, it is said Vijayalakshmi questioned Darshan again and the actor assaulted her.

Darshan attacked his wife with a licensed revolver. Vijayalakshmi immediately got off the car and left, the source said. It was only much later did the actor know that a police complaint had been lodged against him.

On hearing the news of his arrest, the actor’s fans protested outside Victoria Hospital and the police had to eventually resort to caning.

Given his reputation, the police sent Darshan to the doctor’s ward at Parappana Agrahara jail. “In a bid to avoid any problem in the jail, he was also referred to Nimhans,” the jail authorities said.