Don't panic !

Don't panic !

What does one need to do to prevent H1N1 influenza from spreading?

Here’s what the doctors and experts say: First and foremost, do not panic; the deaths reported in different cities are that of patients who have died of health complication and not only due to H1N1 flu. The associated health condition weakens the patient when he/she is infected with the H1N1 flu virus.

If a person is already suffering from high BP, hypertension, diabetes, asthma or pneumonia, or has any HIV or heart-related problems, respiratory disorders, and develops any of the flu symptoms, he or she must immediately visit the hospital for screening. It is reported that the virus dwells for a longer time among children below 10 years. Senior citizens and pregnant women too come under the higher-risk group.  

Any delay in screening and treatment can lead to complications.  Infection cannot be completely avoided, but it is very important to check your personal hygiene.  As per the new guidelines, a person who is tested positive can also opt to stay at home. But during the seven-day home quarantine, the infected person must follow the guidelines given by the doctor.

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