Allide Nammane Illi Bande Summane

Allide Nammane Illi Bande Summane

Faith always triumphs

Another film after America America, Nanna Preethiya Hudugi and the like, Allide Nammane Illi Bande Summane again speaks of the trials hapless people to the Great Melting Pot undergo, while trying to reconcile their dreams to the harsh realities.

Kenchappa Babu (Sourav), a village lad from Mandya lands in USA with dreams of making it big and clearing all the loans.

He is in for a rude shock - the lifestyle, the culture, the work ethics - everything is in complete contrast to his expectations.

With a little help from his uncle and Sudarshan who coaches him to face interview, and life in the US.

The story then shifts to Sudarshan who’s unceremoniously offloaded from his job, leaving him with limited options and means to sustain himself and wife (Yajna Shetty). His medical insurance is also cancelled and he can’t afford treatment for his persistent cough.

Allide.. has been made with lot of attention paid to details and remains true to the script. An otherwise run-of-the-mill story here acquires the hue of sincerity, making it an endearing watch.

The dialogues are authentic and the situations shown are not that contrived. Gurukiran’s tunes retain that zing. PKH Das expertly captures hitherto unseen locales. Kemparaj’s scissors are pleasantly unobtrusive.

Yajna Shetty and Rina Mehta have little to do but it’s Padma Kumta and Sriraj who stand out - one a veteran and the other, a relative newcomer suit their roles to a T.
Allide Nammane Illi Bande Summane is yet another reason to wind up the memory clock.