City corporation in income generation mode

City corporation in income generation mode

In a bid to increase the income, the Mangalore City Corporation has implemented several effective measures to collect taxes by identifying the unauthorised propertiers, unassessed sites, collection of SAS tax and so on.

According to a survey, there are 2,755 unauthorised structures and 2,208 sites, which have not been assessed yet in MCC limits. The Mangalore City Corporation has decided to collect the tax from these unassessed properties in its limits. There were 98,000 assessed properties in MCC limits two years ago. Now, it has been increased to 2, 01,000 property.

Speaking to Deccan Herald, in charge MCC Commissioner Dr K N Vijayaprakash said “property tax helps in generation of income. Several buildings were not given completion certificate as they were coming under unauthorised structures. All the unathorised structures will be assessed and temporary door numbers will be issued under Section 112 (C) of Karnataka Municipal Corporation Act. Double the tax was collected from the unauthorised structures to issue temporary door numbers. The MCC will collect tax from unassessed sites when the owners come for registration,” he added.

The Mangalore Ccity Corporation  has achieved 97 per cent success in the collection of SAS tax as well. It has collected around 30.47 crore last year. The advertisement revenue was Rs 81 lakh during 2010-11. A sum of Rs 20.78 crore has been collected in the form of water tax in 2010-11.

Trade license

Self-Help Group Members in Mangalore City Corporation conducted a survey on trade licenses in the City Corporation limits. The survey revealed that there are 13,426 unauthorised business establishments running in the Mangalore City Corporation jurisdiction. The MCC had issued trade licenses to 22,277 business establishments.

The Commissioner said with several business establishments not having trade licenses or not having renewed their licenses, the MCC has been incurring a loss in its revenue. The demand for revenue from trade license is Rs one crore in MCC.

It can be doubled if all the business establishments possess trade license and renew it periodically. The Mangalore City Corporation has decided to collect compound interest from the unauthorised business establishments. MCC officials will inspect such officers and license will be issued after collecting compound interest.