Swine Flu scare hits World Badminton Championships

Swine Flu scare hits World Badminton Championships

"He was complaining of a throat ache and we didn't want to take any risk. He was sent to the hospital and the report is awaited in the evening," a reliable source said.

His identity is not yet known as the Malaysians have seperate coaches for singles and doubles.

Tournament secretary Punniah Chowdhury also confirmed the news.

"I don't know if he is from the Malaysian or Singaporean team but he was suffering from cold and fever and was sent to a local hospital to under go tests last night," he said.

"It is not yet confirmed if it is a case of swine flu but we have to be on guard. The results are will be out in the evening but we are taking all precautions," Chowdhury said.

The organisers have also installed a Swine Flu screening system at the venue to check the participating teams.

Before this, the World Championships were marred by a terror threat which eventually resulted in the English team pulling out of the event.