'People ready to pay more for 24x7 power supply'

'People ready to pay more for 24x7 power supply'

The survey was conducted by a private clean energy consultation firm across Bangalore and Mysore, covering industrial, residential and rural respondents — 205 from Bangalore, 203 from Mysore, and 101 in rural areas.

Rajesh Prabhu, managing partner of Mercom Group, which undertook the survey, said: “The majority of the policies implemented by the Central government under the new Jawaharlal Nehru National Solar Mission (JNNSM) does not seem to reach the rural people. In fact, even people from the cities, residents and industrialists, are not aware about the subsidies provided.”

The firm looked closely into various aspects of renewable energy in the State and how people understand the concept. It found that a meagre 38 per cent of the respondents had ever heard about JNNSM and the subsidies provided to promote solar energy usage.

“JNNSM aims to produce around 20 gigawatts of power by 2022,” said Rajesh who works out of the US.

Public participation

Unlike India, the policy-makers there ensure that public participation happens before similar policies and schemes are formed. Whereas in India, people are not aware of a policy even years after its formation. Interestingly, with a huge number of electronic goods buyers in the State, 74.8 per cent of the people surveyed have not even heard about the much-advertised Bureau of Energy Efficiency star label on electronic goods.

More than 80 per cent said they would support any kind of renewable energy projects if they are undertaken in their locality, and 89 per cent think the government must initiate efforts to expand renewable energy sources.