Straight from the heart

Straight from the heart

Special Occasion

The students of the Oxford College of Business Management celebrated Teacher’s Day at their auditorium recently.

The programme, inaugurated by the Executive Director, SNVL Narasimha Raju, began with a welcome song and dance. All those who performed felt a strong attachment for the teachers and performed wholeheartedly for them.

This was followed by different cultural programmes by the students. The items included songs, dance, mimicry and a fashion show. The day was special as the teachers also participated along with the students in the programmes held on stage. They danced to popular Bollywood tracks and also some Kannada hits.

The students’ spontaneous creations had teachers cracking up and cheering enthusiastically, reacting with resounding claps of joy. The mimicry was one of the best events at the show. There were also surprise games planned by the students which added fun and joy to the celebration.

Even though the students performed well, their performances were overshadowed by the stage performances of the teachers like dancing, singing and even a fashion show. Each teacher on stage was given a title and honoured with a memento by the students. The teachers were very enthusiastic and happy with the performances the students presented for them.

They also praised the students’ efforts and for the heart-warming mementoes. Rehan Syed, a student said, “We practised so hard for this as we wanted to put up a very good programme for our beloved teachers. This event will always help us walk down the nostalgia lane when we remember their love, affection, adoration and the joy on their faces when we performed for them.”

Shyam Krishnan, a third year student of the college said, “This was by far the best Teacher’s Day celebration I have been a part of. It was even more special as teachers participated in the cultural events along with the students. We all love and respect our teachers very much and are very happy that we have been able to do this for them.”