'I am no Hussain'

'I am no Hussain'

Salman Khan

He takes hours scratching his drawing pencil on the canvas behind the closed doors of his studio. And today, those paintings are worth Rs six crore.

We are talking about Salman Khan, who had wished to exhibit his paintings many a times before. But now, the actor is open to auctioning them in aid of the physically challenged kids.

“We have spoken to a few people and most have agreed that the base price of each painting will be Rs 50 lakh,” says a close friend of the star, adding that they are planning to put up 10-12 canvases under the hammer.

When a few sources checked with Salman, he exclaimed, “You make it seem like I am a Picasso or Dali. I am not an M F Hussain either.

I am an actor and I only sketch when I am not doing anything. But if my efforts can help these lovely kids, then why not? I will be holding the exhibition soon. I am open to auctioning them and of course, I will not be taking any money home.”