2008 Delhi serial blasts: court orders expeditious trial

2008 Delhi serial blasts: court orders expeditious trial

The court, which took up the case for hearing twice a month, would now hear the matter every Wednesday and the judge has now directed that at least 15 witnesses would be summoned for each hearing.

"The trial needs to be further expedited keeping in view the nature of cases, gravity of offences and the fact that more than two dozen precious lives were lost and more than 100 innocent people were left injured and maimed in serial blasts which not only created terror among common people but also challenged the existence of a democratically elected welfare state," Additional Sessions Judge Santosh Snehi Mann said.

The court also took into account the fact that there were over 750 prosecution witnesses in the five cases registered in the matter and only 29 of them have been examined so far in six hearings.

"On perusal of record and charge sheets, it is found that there are more than 750 prosecution witnesses in the five consolidated cases. Out of them, 29 witnesses have been examined till date in six hearings.

"...These cases are taken up on second and fourth Wednesday of every month i.e. two hearings are scheduled in a month. With this pace, it will take more than six years to examine the remaining prosecution witnesses," the judge said.

"It is directed that henceforth, these cases shall be listed for hearing every Wednesday and at least 15 witnesses be summoned for each hearing."