Koragas get nutritious food from this month

Koragas get nutritious food from this month

There is a good news for Koragas, who have been waiting for nutritious food since June, which the government used to supply during monsoon. The authorities concerned have started supplying the food from Wednesday in Bajpe and Vamanjoor. The Koragas of the entire district will get the food within couple of days. The ITDP has received an order 15 days ago from the government, according to which Koragas will receive foodgrains for six months in a year.

The food was supposed to have been supplied from June, but delayed as the district does not have a ITDP officer.

Koraga community members depend on livelihood by preparing baskets from cane. As one finds it difficult to dry the cane during monsoon, the government implemented the idea of providing nutrition food during monsoon.

Speaking to Deccan Herald, Koraga Abhivriddhi Sanghagala Okkuta member Baalaraj said: “During monsoon, the search for food becomes very difficult because of incessant rain in the forest region where Koragas live. Due to lack of food and nutrition, they suffer from anaemia and iron deficiency, especially women and children.” To overcome this food crisis among the tribals, the Social Welfare Department had come out with a scheme to provide nutritious food grains and other essential commodities in 2008. The Koraga community members received the nutrition food for the last three years for four months without any problem. “However, this year, we did not get the food even after three months. Several family members drink hot water to ease the hunger, even to this day. Till last year, the nutrition food was supplied to anganwadi centres by the Janata Bazar, in the district. However, this year, it was a contractor who was supplying the food to the anganwadi centres,” he added.

It is said that the contractor who was supposed to supply nutrition food to the Koragas has refused to supply with the rate quoted by the government.

There are 1,199 Koraga families in Dakshina Kannada with a population of around 6,000. The nutrition food was a ray of hope among the Koraga members during monsoon. The families are given 3 kg green gram, one kg jaggery, one kg black chickpeas (kadle), one litre oil (either palm oil or coconut oil) and 30 eggs.

When contacted, ITDP Manager Hemachandra said that the supply has already been commenced on Wednesday. “We have received an order from the government to supply nutrition food for six months. Accordingly, we will supply for six months starting from September. After ITDP officer Patalappa, who faces allegations on misappropraition of funds, the post of ITDP officer has been lying vacant. As a result, the files were pending.

The sceheme will not lapse and it will continue for six months,” he added. In fact, the government has launched similar scheme for Jenu Kuruba community members of Kodagu, Chamarajanagar and Mysore during 2011.