Lokpal: CBI may seek more teeth

Lokpal: CBI may seek more teeth

According to sources in the agency, the director, in his presentation, will oppose the proposition of Team Anna to bring the anti-corruption wing of the CBI under Lokpal.

The director of the country’s premier investigating agency is expected to demand greater functional autonomy and its treatment as an “equal partner” of the Lokpal and not subservient to it.

Also, the investigating agency will demand that the CBI director should be made an ex-officio member of the Lokpal panel and ask for five-year tenure for the director, a year more than the term enjoyed by the Central Vigilance Commissioner.

Sources in the agency, however, indicated that it will have no objections if its powers of meeting financial, administrative and legal requirements, currently with the Department of Personnel and Training (DoPT), being vested in the Lokpal.

Also, the agency is not opposed to the idea of decisions on sanctions for filing prosecution and initiating inquiries and appeals in higher courts being vested with the Lokpal.