Sex, love now compulsory varsity course in China

Sex, love now compulsory varsity course in China

The ministry had asked universities across the nation to develop a mental health course in June and has made it compulsory from this month, a ministry official told China Daily.
Though such courses had been developed in the past, they were mainly optional courses, the official said.

"The reason why the ministry decided to make the courses compulsory was that most university students are being advised to seek help or seek psychological guidance because of the heavy pressure on them," he said.

An 18-year-old medical science freshman at Peking University said such courses are very popular among new students.

"The psychological courses, which introduce some sex and procreation knowledge are popular, but they have been optional up till now," she said.

Some students, however, think there was no reason to make the course compulsory.
A business administration major student at Peking University, who selected a psychological course, said it was boring and was of no help to her.

"Not all students need this kind of education. After all, we are university students, most of us know about sex and love," said her boyfriend, also a student.