'Kannada is easiest of all Southern languages'

'Kannada is easiest of all Southern languages'


'Kannada is easiest of all Southern languages'

Shantanu Mukherjee

This has delighted his fans across the country, who want to listen to his voice in their respective languages.

It is said that Shaan changed his mind after seeing many Bollywood singers rise to fame by singing in regional films.

In the City for a live concert, Shaan spoke candidly about his career and the emerging trends in the music industry.

Shaan, who often performs live concerts in the City, says he enjoys coming to the City due to its interactive and cheerful audience.

“I have performed many times in Bangalore. Thankfully, no untoward incident has happened so far and each concert has been a great success. Whenever I have to come here, I brush up on my Kannada songs.

The songs Eno Onthara from Hudugaata and Kudi Notave from Parichaya are my biggest hits in Kannada and people love these songs,” says Shaan who has also tried his hands at dubbing recently by lending his voice to one of the lead characters in Rio, a 3D animated movie.

Shaan, who is one of the most sought-after singers in Bollywood, says that the absence of lip-synching has been taking the fun out of watching songs.

“Earlier, actors used to lip-sync to the songs. But now, film-makers give more importance to making visuals appear richer and in the process, the connection between the song and characters is being neglected. This makes the scenes look very unrealistic,” says Shaan.

“As our films seldom deal with realistic situations, the audience too has to get adjusted to these dramatic effects,” he adds.

He also clarifies his decision to accept regional offers and says Kannada is the easiest language to understand. “I had stopped working in regional films because I thought if you don’t know the language, you may spoil the songs. And it also affects the regional singers who are deprived of opportunities. But I observed that the audience has been enjoying the songs crooned by outsiders. And many of my friends like Kunal (Ganjawala), Sonu (Nigam) and Sunidhi (Chauhan) have become household names in the Southern industry. It made me change my decision,” reveals Shaan, for whom Tamil is the hardest language to deal with.

“Kannada is the easiest of all Southern languages along with Telugu. I have not tried singing in Malayalam yet. Sometimes we get bored of singing the same type of songs in Hindi films. Regional language songs make up for that and offer us a different experience,” he feels.

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