Mystery light over south-west United States

Mystery light over south-west United States

Residents from Phoenix to Las Vegas to Southern California’s coastal areas reported to local authorities and media outlets yesterday that they saw the light move quickly from west to east at around 7:45 pm local time.

Many reported the light as bluish-green and others as yellow and orange. Some captured video of the object.

“We can’t say 100 per cent,” said Don Yeomans, manager of NASA’s Near-Earth Object Programme, “but it’s almost certain that the object was a fireball” or very bright meteor, “the size of a basketball or baseball that likely disintegrated before it hit the ground.”

The bluish-green colour suggests the object had some magnesium or nickel in it, Yeomans said. Orange is usually an indication it’s entering earth’s atmosphere at several miles per second, a moderate rate of speed.

“They make an impressive show for such a small object,” Yeomans said.
Yeomans said fireball events are much more rare than shooting stars, but they happen on a weekly basis somewhere on Earth, usually over the ocean.