Relishing the home food

Relishing the home food

Many items

But don’t get carried away by the name as the place has more to it than just idlis. With specialities ranging from over twenty varieties of dosa to other Chettinad delicacies like pongal and upma, the place has gained popularity because of its home-cooked taste as much as for the reasonable prices. The strategic location in Indiranagar is an added

The eatery was originally started by Prema Jayakumar, who was inspired by her father, a sweet seller in Madurai. Later, realising the need for a place like this to serve authentic Madurai cuisine, her husband Jayakumar took over the business part of it. What makes this place special and different from the other darshinis is that Jayakumar makes all the masalas all by herself.

This is the reason behind the tagline of the restaurant that reads: ‘Home made food’. The place opens as early as 6.30 in the morning and one can find a lot of people eating before heading to office. The usual options are idli and vada. But to the delight of any foodie, they come in many varieties. If you love to experiment you should try the podi idli,  sambar vadai or curd vadai, the taste of which you will not get anywhere else.

True to the Chettinad style of cooking food, all the items like idlis are made of rice and the batter is prepared by grinding the flour and then fermenting it. Says Jayakumar, “This method of cooking ensures that the idlis are fluffy and soft for a long time. It is also very good for digestion.” This is served with coconut and tangy tomato chutney and a mildly spicy dal sambar.

If this doesn’t tickle the taste buds enough, the dosas come in delectable varieties too. One will be surprised by the attractive names a few items have like the palak cheese dosa, schezwan dosa and the noodles dosa. However, this is not it! There are more South Indian delicacies on the menu like pongal and uppuma kitchadi to name a few.
The economic pricing is the main USP of the eatery.

If you drop by during lunch hours, you can have a regular or a mini meal with an array of dishes to choose from. Apart from this, you can order the ‘lemon rice’ or pullliyodharai rice which come surprisingly in large quantities. To round off this sumptuous meal, you can order the sweet items like the kesari bath and also a hot cup of tea or coffee.

The eatery is like any ‘darshini’ you find in the City but the authentic Chettinad flavour is what sets it apart from the rest. For those who want to finish off their food leisurely, the place has a few chairs and tables too.

So next time you want to savour some soft and fluffy idlis or just want that scrumptious South Indian home-made meal, you know where to head to. The place is located on 80 feet Road,  HAL 2nd Stage, Indiranagar. For details, call 25202255.