... of killer vehicles on roads

... of killer vehicles on roads

Victims of fate

It seems increasing fad for two-wheelers — both among urbanites and ruralites — has another story to tell. The fascination for metals, is eventually turning into a grave danger, claiming lives. What’s unfortunate is, at times it’s the proud owner who is becoming a victim of fate, besides innocent pillion riders (occupants in case of other types of vehicles) and pedestrians.

According to statistics released by city police, two-wheelers stand top among vehicles causing road accidents. It’s obvious, taken into account the number of vehicles registered at regional transport office (RTO). There are a total of 5.74 lakh vehicles owned by residents here, besides another two lakh from other parts of the state, mostly Bangalore. Among them, two-wheelers constitute 80 per cent — closely followed by autorickshaws and cars.

For the past three years (from January 2009 to August 2011), 117 people have lost their lives, thanks to two-wheelers again. Among them, in the year 2010 alone 49 deaths were reported, against 44 in 2009. And, still four months are left for 2011 to end, 21 people have been already killed in various cases in eight months.

In most of the cases, overspeed and helmetless riding is construed as the reason for mishaps involving two-wheelers. Majority of the victims are those in the age group of 18 to 25 or middle aged.

Cars are also not behind, when it comes to fatal and non-fatal accidents. Cars stand number two among the list of killers — five in 2011, 24 in 2010 and 21 in 2009 leaving 166, 304 and 248 injured respectively.

Trucks, that often face the wrath of enraged people — especially during mishaps for claiming lives, is in the third slot. In the current year, 10 people have been killed and 64 hurt due to heavy motor vehicles, against 14 killed and 86 injured in 2010 and 16 killed and 72 injured in 2009.

KSRTC buses which too often bear the brunt, during such cases have claimed nine lives against 13 in 2010 and 12 in 2009.

Autorickshaws too have a share in growing number of casualties — four killed, 51 hurt in 46 cases against 10 killed, 83 hurt in 79 cases in 2010 and 16 killed, 103 hurt in 98 cases.

Even tractors, jeeps, light goods vehicles, private buses and wreckers have claimed lives, but less when compared to the afore mentioned.

Taking all these into cognisance, city traffic police have planned an exclusive website for traffic where people would get to know about dangerous roads in the city, besides other significant matters.


The first and foremost reason is increasing number of two-wheelers. The users are easily vulnerable, as the vehicles are exposed and cause harm — sometimes grievous. Apart from this, helmetless riding, triple riding, signal jump, speed, using cellphones are also the reasons. If taken to account the number of violations, it’s again two-wheelers which top the chart. This has forced the police to target youths and visit colleges to create awareness among them.

P Rajendra Prasad, DCP (Crime and traffic)