Super fast MiG-21 towed all night

Super fast MiG-21 towed all night

Down to earth: The MiG-21 aircraft being towed from the HAL airport to the Air Force Technical College at Jalahalli West.

The institute undertook the operation in order to equip itself with a ground run-worthy aircraft for the practical training of its officers.

The aircraft, which was originally flown into HAL from a forward base at Kalaikunda, had to be towed to Jalahalli without being dismantled, given its age. It is nearing the end of its operational life.

A wing span of 7.5 m and a total length of 14.5 m did not make easier the task of towing it through the 28-km circuitous route through Old Airport Road, MG Road, Raj Bhawan Road, Sankey Road, Bellary Road and the Ring Road.

The operation involved a co-ordinated effort by about 100 IAF personnel, over 30 civil policemen, and 14 vehicles were deployed.

The operation was led by Team AFTC with the able guidance and assistance of the HQ Training Command. The sequence of operation was planned and well-rehearsed weeks in advance and executed to perfection in coordination with a number of civic agencies such as HAL, the City Police Department and the Bengaluru Metro Rail Corporation.

The traffic police ensured safe passage through the congested roads of the City.