A river almost mythical

A river almost mythical

The hill near Kurudumale, in Mulbagal taluk, which is the place of birth of River Koundinya. DH photo

The river, which now carries water only during rainy season orginates near the foot of a hill in Kurudumale in Mulbagal, Kolar district. Though the river can be hardly seen in the State, its presence can be seen in neighbouring Chittoor district of Andhra Pradesh. It is another example of the government’s apathy towards protecting and utilising its resources.

Though, the river carries only during rainy season, the State government has not made any plans to utilise even this water. Most of the water is used in Chittoor district, where the river is well-known.

During the tenure of Chandrababu Naidu as the Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh, he took the initiative to construct check dams and other projects across the river to make the best use of water from the river.

The people of Chittoor speak with great reverence of a river that originates in Mulbagal. However, the State has not made any efforts to tap the water of this river or to improve the groundwater.

Legend has it that Koundinya rishi did penance on the foothills of Kurudumale. The river derives the name from the sage. “The water used to flow in the river not only during the monsoon, but also during summer over 40 years ago”, says Manjunath, a lawyer.

However, today the Kurudumale hill has become a victim of quarrying.

The original features of the hill itself has changed. If the indiscriminate quarrying continues, the place where the river originates itself will be buried. Due to unauthorised cultivation the forest weath in the surroundings has also been affected. Even the course of the river has been affected.

Despite the assault on the river and nature surrounding it, the water accumulated flows into the district of the neighbouring state. Meanwhile, no measures have been taken to protect the river or to tap the water.