Modi Fast: Police baton charge crowd outside venue

Modi Fast: Police baton charge crowd outside venue

People have been pouring in at the venue since early morning today from across the state, police said.

A huge crowd of over 2000 people had gathered at the main entrance gate causing chaos and making it difficult for the police to handle the situation.

According to police, entry for common public to the venue is allowed only through one small gate and a huge number of people stormed it to gain entry inside the centre.

To disperse the crowd, police shoved the people and opened baton charge on them.

Meanwhile, due to the sudden rush, couple of glass doors which were closed shattered.

Police said nobody was injured in the incident and the situation is under control. Similar chaos was seen inside the convention hall where a large number of people had descended sending the organisers and volunteers in a tizzy.

More volunteers were brought in and situation was brought under control after half an hour.