Prathibha Karanji a stage for politicians?

Prathibha Karanji a stage for politicians?

In Kadur taluk specifically, the organisers of Prathibha Karanji saw to it that adequate time slot is allotted for stage programme comprising largely of political speeches and felicitation to politicians.

“Children are not interested in these political lectures and felicitation.

They come to Prathibha Karanji to showcase their talent and win prizes. Department of Education, instead of understanding this basic point, has been giving great importance to politicians, which is not necessary at all,” says a parent and adds that  School Development and Monitoring Committee (SDMC) President and Members and parents should be the only people who should be allowed to speak for some minutes during Prathibha Karanji programme.

On the other hand, questions are being raised at the judgement and result of Prathibha Karanji too.

Parents have hence demanded that Heads of the institutions,  members and officials of the department must see to it that judgement of the jury are judicious.