'I have always been choosy'

'I have always been choosy'

Healthy competition

'I have always been choosy'

With awards flowing in, the actress is delighted that her hard work is getting recognised. She says that awards only push her to do better work. Ask her if she has become used to receiving awards year after year and she laughs. “Not at all. Every award is as thrilling and important to me as my first one,” she says.

As for any competition or jealous vibes from other actresses, Radhika brushes it off by saying, “Every actress has her own genre of films in which they are doing well. So far I have never experienced any sort of ‘jealousy’ from anybody in the industry. It’s
a healthy competition and I do hope they are happy for me as I am for them.”

After the success of Hudugaru, Radhika had waited for a long time to sign on the next
project. She wrapped up her pending work and took a good break with her family. Now, after seeing many scripts, she has signed on Ashwini production’s Allemari and Nagathihalli Chandrashekhar’s ‘Breaking News’.

“I have always been choosy with my scripts. Ever since my first film, I had decided that I will take on only those films which are performance-oriented and allow me to showcase
different characters,” she adds.

This will be the second time Radhika will be working with Nagathihalli  Chandrashekhar, after Olave Jeevana Lekkachara. To top it all, she will be seen opposite Ajay Rao, her co-star in the hit film Krishnan Love Story.

“It’s great to be working with such a talented team of actors. Even in Allemari, I am cast opposite Yogesh, who I had worked with in Hudugaru. Even the characters in both the films are a complete contrast to my earlier roles. ‘Breaking News’ will see me as a rich spoilt brat while in Allemari, I play a soft-natured middle class girl,” she says.

Though her looks in both the movies are different, Radhika insists that more than the look, it’s the character that’s important to her. “Majority of my roles so far have seen me as a traditional or modern girl next door.

I have never had any objection playing ultra-glamorous roles but I guess people have never seen me that way,” she explains. With many of her contemporaries dabbling in films in other languages, the actress says that she is happy in Sandalwood. “Frankly, I have never really given it a thought as I like what I am doing out here. Having said that, I am also not ruling out working in other language films,” she sums up.