Police experiment on traffic control

Police experiment on traffic control

If the trials prove effective, they also intend to implement them on a long-term basis.
Barricades for buses

Plastic barricades are being put up near the three bus stands. All buses coming into the stands have to park only within the limits of the barricades, and prevent problems for movement of other vehicles, according to the police.

Speaking to Deccan Herald about the steps taken, traffic sub-inspector Niaz Baig said, “Iron barricades can prove challenging for movement of vehicles. Therefore, we have put up saffron-coloured plastic barricades.”

Parking the buses inside the barricades will also help pedestrians move easily, he explained.

Congested roads
There have been several traffic-related problems showing up on BB Road, MG Road and the road outside the Deputy Commissioner’s office. Steps will be taken to improve the conditions after discussions with senior police officers, explained the sub-inspector.