Health centre's new avatar is cattle shed

Health centre's new avatar is cattle shed

Even though the centre can be renovated with nominal funds, nothing has been done to improve its condition.  The centre was built six years ago, with the initiative of the authorities and volunteers of National Rural Health Mission (NRHM), with an aim of providing health facilities to people in rural areas.

The health centre has failed to attract the attention of the government authorities as well as the medical officers working there, who abandoned it unhesitatingly. As a result, the villagers are at the receiving end, since the village still remains untouched by any other kind of health facility.

The electricity supply has been cut, but there is sufficient ventilation as some pranksters have broken the doors and windows. Every year, the health department releases funds to renovate the building but these funds seem to be lost in transit.

The residents entirely blame the health officials for their irresponsible behaviour.
“The health volunteers who occasionally visit the place exchange gossips and leave, completely unaware of their responsibilities,” one of the residents complained.
“During the yearly inspection, the health officials throw lofty promises about cleaning up the garbage surrounding the areas but no-one want to give a second glance to these problems,” a resident Narayanaswamy complained.

There has been a proposal to shift the sub-health centre to Ajjapalli, that has aggravated the anger of the residents. Even though the government has approved to renovate the building, it is the health officials who have demanded the transfer.
“By demanding the transfer of the health centre, the negligence of the officers are clearly highlighted. An appropriate action against them is highly essential,” the Gram Panchayat member Narayanamma said.