Now, know your wards online

Now, know your wards online

Website created by Keonics

The State Urban Development (UD) Department has now put up the new delimitation of wards with an interactive map of all the 198 wards under the BBMP.

The website, set up by the UD department shows the ward’s name, its population according to the sex and also the reserved categories. “The website is an independent one created by the UD department and has been tagged to the Palike website, for the citizens to access exact information,” said UD Department, Under Secretary, C R Ravindra.

 Created by Keonics, a State-owned enterprise, the portal is used to create awareness among the citizens under the Palike jurisdiction about their new wards and newly added localities. The website also informs about reserved and general wards for the impending Palike elections. It is likely that the UD department may look into the feasibility of maintaining the website.

 “We’ll have to look into the aspect of updating the website ourselves and perhaps then close it after the elections,” said Ravindra.

While the idea is to sensitise the citizens about their wards, the UD department has not ruled out its continuation after the elections.

After elections it is possible that the website would be placed under the Palike and to ensure that at least this government website does not become defunct.