Think before you ink

Think before you ink

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Legible: Handwriting reflects one’s personality.

It is regarded as the fundamental building block of learning. As handwriting is important in taking notes and answering papers among other things, it even decides the fate of a student in exams and plays an important role in judging the ability of a student. Many a time, students compare the quality of their handwriting to that of their peers. But in this age of computers, does handwriting have any importance? Do students really care for legible writing? Metrolife finds out.

Gone are the days where a student was judged by his or her handwriting. Bhargav, a commerce student in Seshadripuram College, feels that handwriting is not of great importance these days. He admits that a student can’t focus on legible handwriting while taking down notes in a classroom. “Scribbling doesn’t matter at all. How we understand a subject and reproduce our knowledge in the papers is more important. Over the years, we don’t write manually that often as we do our assignments and projects on the computer. Still some teachers expect legible and beautiful handwriting. But in higher studies, it is the content that matters more than the presentation,” he says.

 In some cases, students with strong academic potential but poor handwriting perceive themselves as low achievers. Shwetha, a degree student in Maharani Lakshmi Ammanni College for Women, opines that handwriting is an integral part of academics. “When we were in school, we were forced to use cursive writing books. It was a useful exercise and we are realising its importance now. The early years of schooling are crucial for handwriting,” she says.

She agrees that personality of an individual can also be judged on the basis of his or her writing style. “Our education system should give equal importance to handwriting which reveals the personality of an individual. As per my experience, we will get good marks in exams if we write legibly and neatly in the answer sheets,” she says.

Even many teachers agree that a good handwriting attracts them and helps a student score high in exams. They believe that students with neat handwriting are highly capable. “Students will definitely get good marks if their handwriting is impressive and attractive. I feel they should form this habit from their childhood. Moreover, handwriting reflects one’s personality. If it is neat and tidy, we think that he/she is disciplined,” says C Manjunath, a language professor.

“Earlier five marks were dedicated for a good handwriting in language question papers. Now that system has been removed. Hence, a large number of students are not interested in improving their handwriting. They have developed a careless attitude. Though they may have written the right answers, an evaluator may fail to allot marks if their writing is poor,” he adds.

It seems like if you have a good handwriting, you will perform better than your counterparts. So next time, think before you ink as you may be leaving hints about your personality.