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Extraordinary tales

Over 100,000 people are killed each year by wild animals but equally as astounding is the fact that hundreds of people beat the odds and survive the most brutal of maulings, most poisonous bites and deadly stings.

The question is why do some people live and others die? Why do some people overcome and others succumb? To know it all, watch ‘I’m Alive’. The show airs on September 21 at 10 pm on Animal Planet.

Treasure hunt
Watch Bhoot and Friends on Cartoon Network on September 21 at 6 pm. A 11-year-old boy and his little friends are enjoying their summer vacations until they accidentally get involved in a treasure hunt.

This lost treasure, which is being sought after by a notorious villain, leads the kids to a ghost with magical powers.

Amidst an array of rollercoaster adventures, the kids have to resolve the mystery of the lost treasure in order to save everyone’s lives. 

Going beyond the  mundane
Discovery Turbo presents ‘Motor City Motors’ on September 21 at 9 pm. Renowned fabricators and custom-bike builders Dave and James Kaye, founders of Detroit Brothers Custom Cycles along with their team of builders and specialists push the boundaries of automotive engineering to create one-of-a-kind vehicles.

Watch each week as the brothers along with their father revamp ordinary bikes into dream machines on ‘Motor City Motors’.

Together, they push the boundaries of automotive engineering to create one-of-a-kind vehicle — with a five day limit for each build.

Heroic powers
WB presents ‘The Matrix Revolutions’ starring Keanu Reeves, Laurence Fishburne, Carrie-Anne Moss and Hugo Weaving on September 21 at 9 pm.

In this explosive final chapter of the ‘Matrix’ trilogy, Neo, Morpheus and Trinity battle to defend Zion, the last real-world city, against the onslaught of the machines that have enslaved the human race.

And now, as Neo learns more about his heroic powers — including the ability to see the codes of things and people — he faces the consequences of the choice made in ‘The Matrix Reloaded’.