DH Utilities

DH Utilities

Free file manager

»PeaZip, an open source file and archive manager, is an alternative to paid products such as winrar or winzip. It is flexible, portable, secure, and free. Besides letting you create self-extracting archives, it provides strong encryption, secure deletion and advanced search. You can download it at http://www.peazip.org/index.html

Internet Radio
»Shoutcast.com is a good Internet radio station directory, which lists several Indian language stations. I personally listen to Kannada and Hindi channels through Shoutcast. I also suggest that listeners download Winamp media player from www.winamp.com for smooth playing of radio channels.

Easy CD burner
»Ashampoo Burning Studio 6 is perfect for beginners, who want to burn CDs. It has a nice interface, very easy to use and available for free. But it comes with a bundled toolbar, which can be deselected during installation.
(Contributed by Avinash G)

Free websites
»If you want to build a website and don’t know where to start, here is some help.
www.hpage.com - a free website creator comes with 370 MB space and unlimited text pages   It supports many extensions such as .com, .co.in and .us.

www.page4.me – a similar service, which provides 400 MB of space and unlimited text pages. But supports only .me extension.
(Contributed by Shibin Babu)

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