Chidambaram's 'complicity' reflected in Pranab's letter: BJP

Chidambaram's 'complicity' reflected in Pranab's letter: BJP

"Ultimately, the cat is out of the bag. It was very clear from day one that Chidambaram agreed to A Raja's formula for 2-G spectrum allocation. If he had stuck to the Finance Ministry officials position that spectrum should not be allocated in 2008 at 2001 prices the scam would not have taken place," BJP spokesperson Prakash Javadekar said.

He insisted that today's revelations- through an RTI reply- have exposed Chidambaram's complicity in the 2-G spectrum scam as Finance Minister in UPA-I government.

"Even the Prime Minister had said that I gave the go ahead only after both the ministries (Telecom and Finance) agreed to the formula," Javadekar said. He demanded that in the wake of this expose, Chidambaram should step down from his post.

"Chidambaram wanted the country to believe that it was the sole decision of Raja and it was a franchisee corruption (done by ally DMK) but now it has been proved that it was a coalition corruption," Javadekar said. BJP was also hopeful the Supreme Court would take due note of these revelations.

Party chief spokesperson Ravi Shankar Prasad said the expose leads to a clear inference of wrong doing by Chidambaram. He sought a clarification from the minister.

"Had he taken the decision in the right manner by following the advise of senior officers of the finance ministry who were advising auction, the country would not have been deprived of revenue in the spectrum allocation," he said.