Accused solve 'fake' murder case after 4 yrs

Accused solve 'fake' murder case after 4 yrs

It all began when a youth in Uttar Pradesh’s Rambai Nagar district “killed” himself apparently in a bid to avoid a possible jail term.

Dharmendra Kumar had allegedly raped a girl in his village four years ago and the police were hot on his trail. However, soon Kumar, who plotted his own murder, simply vanished. While Kumar managed to evade arrest, three brothers, allegedly Kumar’s rivals, were arrested on the charge of “murdering” him.

The story took a dramatic turn when the trio, who had to spend four years in a jail before being released on bail, embarked on a mission to trace the “deceased.” They managed to locate him at Kanpur and the police  nabbed the master plotter on Tuesday.

Kumar’s modus operandi worked best when he decided to go underground with the assistance of his relatives. After he disappeared, his father lodged a missing complaint with the police, hinting the role of his rival Dinesh Patel in the murder of his son. Later, a half-burnt body was recovered. Kumar’s father identified the body as that of his son and cremated it.

“We have proved our innocence, but who is going to pay for the years we had to spend in  jail?,’’ asks Dinesh.