New Investment Confidence Index from J P Morgan

 The J.P. Morgan Asset Management – ValueNotes Investment Confidence Index, which will be published on a quarterly basis, captures the confidence of retail investors, corporate investors and financial advisors on the Indian economic and investment environment.

    The findings of the inaugural survey show that the Indian financial community currently holds a cautiously optimistic view towards their local market. ValueNotes, an independent market research company, was commissioned by J.P. Morgan Asset Management to conduct the survey. The ICI was developed by interviewing a random sample of retail investors (with a wallet size in excess of Rs 200,000), corporate investors and financial advisors. The key objective of the ICI is to quantify confidence in the investment environment among investors and advisors and  study investment behaviour.

Key findings of the study are as follows:
*Recent election results have influenced investment confidence favourably, as the government has good majority
* 48 pc  of retail investors expect their income to increase and they will make  investments over the next six months.
* Retail investors are more confident about making additional investments than their advisors expect them to.
* Advisors are significantly more optimistic about portfolio appreciation than their  clients
* Retail investor confidence declines as age increases. The age group 22 to 25 most confident and investors aged 55 to 60 the least confident.
* By occupational status, the salaried employees from the private sector have the maximum confidence.

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