Four months after exam, no clue on results

Four months after exam, no clue on results

BMRCL job aspirants left in lurch

The examination was conducted for 228 posts in Maintenance and Operations via the employment notification number BMRCL/ADM/O - M/02/2010. This was advertised and published through various media early in March.

Among the waiting candidates is an ex-serviceman, who is wondering whether he should take up an offer from a bank or continue the wait. More than 16,000 candidates had written the test along with him.

When contacted, BMRCL spokesperson, B L Y Chavan said: “We have published the marks on our website a week after the examination. Anyone can check how much they have scored.”

But the candidates aren’t convinced. “What is the point in finding the grades when no cut-off percentage or date for interviews has been announced,” asks another applicant, who applied for the post of Section Engineer.

The aspirants are in these categories - Section Engineer, Junior Engineer, Maintainers, Customer Relations Manager, Station Controller and Assitants (Finance, Stores and HR).
Chavan said the candidates should have some patience. “These posts are for Phase One, not Reach One,’ he said.

But patience is wearing thin for a few, who asked why conduct the exam if there is no hurry to recruit. An official from the BMRCL told Deccan Herald on condition of anonymity: “I have no idea why the examinations were conducted and whether it was required. I don’t think anyone from our department can answer this question.”

The official also said that there are a few people remaining to be posted from the batch that wrote the examination held for Batch One in 2010.

“We don’t know which phase we will use the new recruits for. If Reach One requires them after start of operations, then good for them. Otherwise, it will be mostly for Reach 3 looking at the progress of the work.”

BMRCL Managing Director N Sivasailam said the exams were conducted as per schedule and the company is in no hurry to recruit. “We need time to train these newcomers. I will not agree that the exam was conducted in a hurry,” he said.

Chavan mentioned that Reach One had issues with the late training of certain employees. To avoid this problem in the next reach, the examination was conducted well in advance. Sivasailam told Deccan Herald, that the result will be out in a month. “The result will be out in the next week,” was the reply Deccan Herald got from the office of BMRCL.

Common Mobility Card
While the BMRCL and BMTC displayed the Common Mobility Card to public and media early this year, BMTC officials told Deccan Herald that they will not come out this year. A senior official from BMTC said: “I really don’t think the cards will come out by November as announced earlier. I doubt whether they will come out this year,” he added.