Malinga says no to Sachin's ODI idea

Malinga says no to Sachin's ODI idea

Lankan pace ace raring to do it for Mumbai

“I am a bowler, and I did not like personally the change of ball in the 34th over as per the existing 50-50 match rule. If they play four innings, they will be changing the ball more times. Also, we have chance for reverse swing only after 15 or 20 overs. But, if they cut down that possibility, all the favour is going to batsman,” Malinga said here on Thursday.

Mumbai Indians’ good run in the last IPL has made them one of the top favourites in the pre-tournament calculations. But Malinga said the billing has not added any pressure on the team.

“We do not have any pressure. I think we know our abilities and trust our abilities. We have a lot of young players but some have not played many T20 matches. But we have good senior players in our team who can support the youngsters. Personally, big names do not matter to me as I bowl to my abilities and I have to trust my ability in whichever format or pitch I am bowling,” Malinga said.

Mumbai will take on Chennai Super Kings, winners of the last editions of the Indian Premier League and Champions League T20, and Malinga, the top wicket-taker in the IPL IV, said Indians were all set for the challenge.

“We always try to perform to our strength during a match, and the result will come at the end of the day. All the players in Mumbai Indians will be performing to their strengths, and I am sure favourable results will follow,” he said.

Detailing his bowling strategy, and his reliance on yorkers, Malinga said, “I have only four overs, and I try to take a wicket with every delivery. But the most important thing is how you can use your abilities. In my practice session I try the technique of yorking the batsmen. It is important that if you want to do something in a match, you must try and master before the match at the nets.