North Korea woos tourists

North Korea woos tourists

In order to attract foreign investment, North Korea is trying to reinvent itself as a tourist destination, reported Daily Telegraph.

The first North Korean bicycle tour is part of series of activities that show how the country is courting foreign tourists.

The country's first cruise ship was launched last month with 130 passengers who travelled to Mount Kumgang.

The northern border to China was also opened up in the summer to allow Chinese tourists to drive their own vehicles to the North Korean town of Luo for the first time.

The media report said that there are string controls for tourists who are widely monitored. They are barred from photography and interaction with locals forbidden.

The country had previously courted South Korean tourists, who flocked to Mount Kumgang region.

It was developed for tourism jointly with South Koreans and opened in 1998.

In 2008, all tours were suspended and hotels vacated after a South Korean tourist was shot dead by a North Korean soldier after accidentally entering a restricted zone.