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Difficult phase: Apoorva Arora and Kishan in ‘Teenage’. Those complicated years

Teenage is a difficult phase not just for young boys and girls but for parents as well. There have been television series made on teenagers and even movies made on the different emotions boys and girls have to battle with during their teenage phase.

Director H R Shrikanth has cashed in on this aspect and made a film on teenagers titled, ‘Teenage’. The film has Kishan and Tanvi of ‘Slumdog Millionaire’ in the lead roles. Talking about the film, director Shrikanth says the film traces the life of teenage boys and girls who go through a lot of changes physically, emotionally and mentally.

“Teenage years are a very confused phase. Boys and girls go through a lot of changes and don’t know how to react to certain situations. Parents too don’t know whether to restrict their children or give them a lot of freedom,” explains Shrikanth.

“Young teen-related films featuring kids between 16 years and 19 years are coming of age. Kids change at every stage. Their feelings evolve into a deeper and more complicated level as they grow up,” he adds.  Shrikanth points out that there are a host of reality shows that lure children and influence their thought process. Children tend to become rebellious.

One of the songs in the movie has 40,000 children from across the State. The song will be sung by 500 children. This record song and dance will take place in Bangalore, Mysore, Hubli, Chitradurga, Hassan, Bellary, Shimoga, Mangalore and Gulburga.  Shrikanth says the song is a first of its kind. “We intend to give the song record to the Karnataka Government to place it in Bal Bhavan with all the names of participants written on it. The record will be available for all schools,” said Shrikanth. Another song has been completely shot under water and yet another in mid-air.

The movie also delves into the difference between like and love. “A lot of kids don’t really know the difference between like and love. For kids, dating starts after a girl and boy meet at a coffee shop. This movie deals with love of a different kind,” he sums up.

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Exploring: Arbaaz Khan ‘My father is totally cool on sets’

After Gokula, actress Nakshatra was not seen in the Kannada film industry for sometime. But now she is back with her father D Rajendra Babu’s directorial comeback that will be
titled either Kuchiku or Intha Jodeena Ellaro Kandira.

Ask her about her sudden disappearance and the actress says she was busy completing her Tamil and Malayalam films. “I don’t want to do films where I just have a few songs and look pretty. I want to do something more meaningful where I can show what I am capable of, even if it is just for a few scenes. That’s why I waited for the perfect project to come along,” says Nakshatra.

Talking about the film, Nakshatra says it also stars Praveen in the lead. “I play a very  youthful character who likes to enjoy life and hang out with her friends. She gets small thrills out of dressing up in modern clothes but is forced to wear only Indian attire at home,” she says.

The movie took her by surprise as her father never revealed to her who the actress was until few days before the launch. “I knew my dad was making a comeback with this film but nobody had told me that I was going to be the heroine. When my dad told me, I was both surprised and nervous,” she says.

While she has already shared screen with her actress-mother Sumithra, this was the first time Nakshatra was seeing her father on the sets. “Initially I was a bit anxious as to how he was going to be. At home, he is always very strict but on the sets, he is totally cool.

He is a fun director. I had always heard he is great fun to work with but now I am experiencing it. I get into a comfort zone when I work with him now,” she adds.  The crew is currently shooting in the City and plans to shoot in Coimbatore soon.

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Sandalwood calling

Arbaaz Khan is joining the bandwagon of Bollywood actors, coming down to act in Kannada films. Dinesh Gandhi has signed the actor to play the villain in his latest project

Interestingly, the director is yet to reveal the hero and heroine of the film. “We are on the search of the heroine as of now and once we finalise on that, we will make an announcement,” says Dinesh, who describes the film as a sentimental movie.

Ask him why Arbaaz was chosen for the villain’s role and not the hero, the director says, “He fits the character perfectly. When we approached him, he fell in love with the script and had no hesitation in playing the villain.”

Getting the dates of the actor was a challenge but the team waited patiently and even delayed the film by a month only to accommodate him.

“Now that he is here, we are looking forward to working with him. As for Arbaaz’s look, we had a discussion with him and have finalised on a typical villainy look with a huge moustache and rugged clothes,” adds Dinesh.

The crew, that is currently shooting in Vishakhapatnam, is awaiting Arbaaz’s arrival on sets. Soon the actor will also come down to the City for another schedule of shooting.